Creating custom RSS Feeds with Google

Hey everybody!
Today i have a small tip for you:
You sure all know Google Alerts, helping you to stay up to date about certain keywords.
For a long time you could enter your keywords and choose an RSS export for your alerts. But because the Google Reader doesn’t exist anymore, Google doesn’t offer these customized RSS feeds. But with a little trick you can still create and use them.

You just need the following URL:

And replace the words LANGUAGE, COUNTRY, and SEARCH_TERM

So if you want a german Feed about “Social Media” it looks like:

And that´s it; your customized RSS feed. Just copy this URL and add it to your favorite RSS Reader.

Julian Hillebrand

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  • This was absolutely awesome. Great help in creating an effective homepage now that iGoogle is disappearing. Thank you!

  • Artmir

    This worked for me. Even better than what I had in mind. Thanks 🙂

  • Dustin Aldridge

    Thank you so much for the easy fix! I can now have an update RSS feed on my companies Sharepoint.

  • Geethika Garikapati

    Thank you so much its quite helpful 🙂

  • NU Gamez says: Thank you so much!

  • trevormccallin

    Thank´s great stuff. Is there away to pull in the thumbnail with the feed?

  • Bryan CODER

    Hi, for automate this tips, i’ve created a Google Sheets. That’s work with advanced search :


    • Marc_Alx

      Works as a charm, thanks 😉

  • Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been looking for a way to do this without having to set up individual Google Alerts 🙂

  • Seth Barber

    you might want to update your posting because this method doesnt work any more

  • Rachana

    Nice article. This solution worked for me. Now I have custom RSS feed for my website. Thanks!

  • Tink

    Amazing! I’ve got it… Thanks a lot!