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ThinkToStart is growing and we need more people who help us on our mission to bridge the gap between data and business. Therefore we are looking for motivated R fans that help us to produce more great content.

What is ThinkToStart?

ThinkToStart started as a blog mainly about R tutorials a little bit more than 2 years ago. After some time I realised that there is a huge need not just for hands-on R tutorials but also for putting them in a business context. So I am currently transforming ThinkToStart from a blog to a platform.

Reaching the goal of connecting business and data is not a task that one person can achieve alone. For that it needs several people working together to spread this message. At the moment ThinkToStart is in the phase of finding the way how to communicate this message. So we try to work on both ends: The data science side with R tutorials and business topics with the new Social Media category.

R Tutorials:

R tutorials can basically be about everything. I personally focus heavily on Social Media but I can think of endless topics where R tutorials are needed.


We can offer you the chance to position yourself as a brand and present you even more as an expert for R and data science in general. You can link to all your private social media accounts or websites in your public author profile and you can of course tell everybody you are part of ThinkToStart. Normally a lot of readers want to find out more about an author of an article. Because of the focus on different categories we can also present our work to people who visit the site for example because of a new social media post. Think of somebody visiting the site because of a new post about how effective Facebook is for marketing. And then he or she gets offered a real hands on tutorial with R exactly about this topic. This is how we can show other people the power of R and data science.

We are really excited to get to know you!

If you are interested please drop us line here:

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Julian Hillebrand

During my time at university and learning about the basics of economics I started heavily exploring the possibilities and changes caused by digital disruptions and the process of digital transformation, whereby I focused on the importance of data and data analytics and combination with marketing and management.
My personal focus of interest lies heavily on technology, digital marketing and data analytics. I made early acquaintance with programming and digital technology and never stop being interested in following the newest innovations.

I am an open, communicative and curious person. I enjoy writing, blogging and speaking about technology.