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Who creates trends in social media?

What is a trend? Trends are very important in social environments. Trends arise, get accepted by a greater range of people and disappear. Trends are an important factor for development and improvement and this...

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Analyze Instagram with R

This tutorial will show you how you create an Instagram app, create an authentication process with R and get data via the Instagram API. There is no R package for this yet so we...

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Gender Analysis of Facebook Post Likes

A lot of people showed a huge interest in analyzing Facebook data with R. So I decided to write some more tutorials about the possibilities you have with Rfacebook package created by Pablo Barbera....

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Build a SPAM filter with R

You can find the complete code on github:   Introduction: The topic Machine Learning gets more and more important. The number of data sources grows everyday and it makes it hard to get...

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Visualize Foursquare Check-ins with R

You can use this tutorial to visualize foursquare check-ins in the ThinkToStartR package with:

Hey R-Fans! You sure all heard of Foursquare. It has more than 45 million users but it´s potential is not recognized...

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ThinkToStartR package

***ALPHA*** I just started to work on my new package for this blog. This R package will include the code of all my tutorials and will make it accessible with easy function calls. Install...

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Create Twitter Sentiment Word Cloud in R

You can use this tutorial in the ThinkToStartR package  and create your Twitter sentiment word cloud in R with:

  Hey everybody, some days ago I created a wordcloud filled with tweets of...

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Was denkt Twitter über Hoeneß?

            Diese Wordcloud entstand auf Grundlage von 1000 Tweets und einer Sentiment Analyse mit der Datumbox API. Auch wenn nicht jeder Tweet korrekt bewertet sein sollte, gibt es doch ein...