analyse linkedin R 7

Analyze LinkedIn with R

 If you have any questions to this tutorial or find some problems please feel free to create a topic in the forum: Some time ago I saw an interesting post in a R...

community 0

Start of the ThinkToStart Data Science Community

Hey everybody! I have some exiting news. As the number of comments and questions is always growing I decided to take this opportunity a step further and create a better platform for discussing and...

trends in social media 0

Who creates trends in social media?

What is a trend? Trends are very important in social environments. Trends arise, get accepted by a greater range of people and disappear. Trends are an important factor for development and improvement and this...

R instagram 23

Analyze Instagram with R

This tutorial will show you how you create an Instagram app, create an authentication process with R and get data via the Instagram API. There is no R package for this yet so we...

fb_r_gender 4

Gender Analysis of Facebook Post Likes

A lot of people showed a huge interest in analyzing Facebook data with R. So I decided to write some more tutorials about the possibilities you have with Rfacebook package created by Pablo Barbera....

SVM R machine learning 5

Build a SPAM filter with R

You can find the complete code on github:   Introduction: The topic Machine Learning gets more and more important. The number of data sources grows everyday and it makes it hard to get...

foursquare thinktostart r map data 5

Visualize Foursquare Check-ins with R

You can use this tutorial to visualize foursquare check-ins in the ThinkToStartR package with:

Hey R-Fans! You sure all heard of Foursquare. It has more than 45 million users but it´s potential is not recognized...

thinktostart r package 9

ThinkToStartR package

***ALPHA*** I just started to work on my new package for this blog. This R package will include the code of all my tutorials and will make it accessible with easy function calls. Install...

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