Wordcloud #syria on Twitter

The World is talking about Syria. But what exactly are they talking about?

To find it out i created this wordcloud using Twitter and nearly 2000 Tweets containing the hashtag #syria.

And here is the result:syria

If you want to create Twitter wordclouds on our own take a look at my tutorial.

Julian Hillebrand

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  • Great! (and a big thank you)

    the only issue you have is the arabic words are “reversed” and “disconnected”… and should be reconstructed to be correct. not sure the “wordcloud” function allows for arabic words.

    Let me explain more : arabic words go from left to right. For example your name would be “جوليانحى” in Arabic. If you were referenced in a tweet and you read it in using your code, it will come out as “ي ح ن ا ي ل و ج ” using this code. Reversed order (from right to left) and disconnected.

    • Thank you Nabil.
      I also don´t really know if the wordcloud function allows arabic words, but i think the problem happens while processing the tweets. I will check if i can find a solution.
      But thank you for your hint!

  • I’m overloaded right now and will only be able to look more into this end of December… this is discussed briefly here : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18677571/assigning-arabic-text-to-r-variables however, not sure if it could handle “arabic & english”

  • Areeba

    Hey, how did you create this? First of all, how did you extract 2K tweets? When I use search.twitter(), I only get like 25 tweets. Also, is there a way to get the tweet with a time stamp as well as geographical location?